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Better sleep starts with gathering data, clinical input, and developing a personalized plan.

Using a wearable device, obtain detailed sleep reports and analytics
Personalized treatment plan based on sleep tracking data

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With help from our Smart Ring and the RestoreRing app, we provide actionable data points that help those with chronic sleep issues improve their nightly sleep.
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What You Need In A Sleep Apnea Treatment App

With access to doctors, data, and practical features, start facilitating your own progress.

Track Your
Sleep Like a Pro

Unlock trends in your oxygen levels, breathing pauses, and more.

Keep Tabs on
Your Symptoms

Log your symptoms in our app.

Sleep Apnea

Your input is vital in the decisions guiding your sleep improvement.

Snooze-Proof Reminders
and Alerts

Restore Sleep is committed to keeping you consistent.

See Your Progress
Over Time

Watch the new treatment’s results in the app to see how therapy improves your sleep.

Connect with
Our Sleep Clinicians

Gain easy and timely access to trained specialists.

What if you had a comprehensive, innovative, clinician-led sleep-breathing tracker on your mobile device?
Restore Sleep puts everything you need in one platform to achieve healthier sleep cycles.

How to Get Started

Curious about how Restore Sleep can help?
Learn how sleep monitoring with our sleep app can help renew your sleep and well-being.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Not exactly. Restore Sleep’s app uses our Smart Ring to record oxygen saturation and snoring. These insights may hint that you could have sleep apnea, but the app does not give a definitive diagnosis. For that, you need a home sleep study device. Through our clinical team, we will coordinate a diagnostic test for you.

Restore Sleep offers a sleep apnea solution, including a wearable device and an app that helps evaluate personalized sleep apnea treatments. Together, these tools provide deeper insights into your sleep, including breathing changes, other interruptions, and improvements over time.

Restore Sleep equips you with a Smart Ring and instructions for using the mobile app. By pairing both devices, you can record your sleep nightly and see the results in the morning. You’ll see how well you’re sleeping and how your treatment is working.

Say Goodnight to Sleep Apnea

Restore Sleep is a clinician-led health platform that identifies chronic sleep problems, providing scientifically- and clinically-grounded solutions for insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea.

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