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Dentists can play a key role in screening and providing treatment for patients with OSA. Oral appliances for OSA can help reposition the jaw or tongue to open the upper airway. They are a great alternative to expensive CPAP machines and surgical options.

How can Restore Sleep help? We are a nation-wide network of sleep medicine physicians and nurse practitioners. We partner with dentists who treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and chronic snoring with oral appliances.

Depending on the dentist’s needs, Restore Sleep provides:
  • In-home testing and diagnosis for OSA
  • Measurement of snoring severity
  • Online consultations with expert sleep physicians and nurse practitioners
  • On-going patient management and monitoring
 Restore Sleep offers dental patients:
  • Online appointments in days (not weeks/months)
  • Convenient in-home testing and monitoring using the latest in wearable technology
  • On-going care, management, and sleep improvement
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