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Restore Sleep is a patient-centric, clinician-led digital healthcare platform designed to restore restful sleep to those impacted by sleep difficulties or disturbances. We use innovative therapies and remote monitoring to address chronic sleep conditions such as insomnia, snoring, and mild sleep apnea.

For a limited time, we are accepting qualified applicants who are interested in improving their sleep. Find out if you are a candidate today!

Our Mission:

To optimize the sleep quality of the millions suffering from chronic sleep issues.

Restore Sleep brings remote patient monitoring and innovative therapies to address various chronic sleep conditions.

Our approach is clinician-led and incorporates a high-touch digital health platform that is personalized, convenient, simple, effective, and private.

Our solution includes:

  • Nightly monitoring and personalized therapies
  • Access to our clinical care team, who provides strategies, guidance, and support
  • Insights and personalized data to improve your sleep

Start sleeping better tonight by downloading the Restore Sleep app, now available on iOS and Android.


Join our Pilot


We are currently recruiting for our Pilot Program.

This program is free of charge and allows accepted users to access our sleep services and resources over a 90-day period.

Step 01


Please complete the questionnaire and help us determine if you would be a good candidate for the free Pilot Program.

Step 02


If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email Welcome Letter with the next steps toward receiving your Restore Sleep Starter Kit.

Step 03


Once you receive your starter kit, we will guide you so you can use the Resore Sleep app and begin monitoring your sleep.

Have questions about Restore Sleep’s Pilot Program? We have answers!

Restore Sleep FAQ

Have questions about Restore Sleep’s Pilot Program? We have answers!

If you are currently experiencing disrupted sleep or daytime sleepiness, or if your sleep partner is reporting that you snore, or gasp while sleeping, Restore Sleep is here to help improve the quality of your sleep. As a digital sleep-focused healthcare company,  we specialize in helping people who suffer from insomnia, mild sleep apnea, and chronic snoring.

Once you indicate your interest in participating in the pilot, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire.  Selected participants will initially receive a starter kit containing a sleep tracking ring to help them identify their sleep issues. The starter kit will also have instructions for downloading and getting started with the Restore Sleep app.  Later, various devices may be provided to participants based on what we learn about their sleep difficulties or disturbances.

In addition, the Restore Sleep app will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up your devices and schedule your first appointment with your Restore Sleep sleep specialist.

Throughout the program, you will be monitoring your sleep using a sleep tracking ring. Your sleep specialist will use the data from these sleep sessions to continue to update your sleep care plan throughout the pilot. Each month, you will have a telehealth visit with your sleep specialist to discuss your progress and noticeable changes in your sleep and how you feel.

Monthly visits with your sleep specialist will be scheduled by our staff with consideration for your availability at the beginning of the pilot, and will take place about every 4 weeks.

This pilot program will last approximately 90 days. After the pilot has been completed, we expect to open the program up in other states and use the knowledge gained over the last few months to improve our offerings.

Our goal is to learn more about the remote monitoring process and patient acceptance of improving sleep using digital health for those with insomnia and sleep-breathing issues. We look forward to receiving honest and constructive feedback  from our pilot participants that will help us release a more enhanced offering.

For this pilot, we will make the program available to those residing in California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Texas.  We expect to be able to offer the final app and service in all 50 states by the end of 2023.

Yes! There is no cost to those who participate in the Restore Sleep pilot program.

We anticipate the pilot to last about 90 days from the enrolment date for each member of the pilot.

At the end of the program, we will ask participants to complete a short survey about their experiences.  This feedback will help us improve our offering allowing us to help more people sleep restfully and restoratively.

Participants may keep all wearable devices and therapies that they received from us, free of charge, unless otherwise specified, and may continue using the Restore Sleep mobile app to track sleep sessions and access their data and reports. 

Upon completion of the pilot,, we intend to make the program available in other states and use the knowledge gained during the pilot to improve our offerings.

Yes, after the 90-day pilot ends, you will still have access to the Restore Sleep app for a period of time.  There may be a pause in the ability to access clinicians until we relaunch with the public version of the program. We will keep you informed as to  how to continue to access the program at the end of the pilot.

Please double check that you have followed the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. If you have followed the instructions in the QSG, and are still unsuccessful, please contact us at Also, be sure that you have downloaded the correct app, Restore Sleep (do not use Sleep Restore).

Be sure that the gold sensors are magnetically connected to the USB charger and that the protruding part of the ring is facing away from the power connector.

To understand the data that is displayed on the ring, please review the glossary that is found on the app.  This will help you better understand the terms that are used.

There are a number of ways in which Restore Sleep differs.  First, we are focused on helping those with primary snoring and insomnia, which are two of the most common sleeping disturbances. Our offering is a digital solution that many patients find easier to use, less cumbersome than other monitoring solutions, with treatment solutions that really work to resolve the sleep disturbance. As experienced sleep professionals with many years of experience in the field, we believe that access to sleep care is essential to restore health to more people and their bed partners.

Of course, this is your data. For example, you can take screenshots of your data from the app, as well as any questionnaires that you have completed as part of the process to join Restore Sleep and can share these with your Healthcare provider.