Experience Better Sleep
with Restore Sleep

Better sleep starts with gathering info, interpreting it, and strategizing a plan.

Detailed sleep reports and analytics
Personalized treatment plan based on sleep tracking data

Better Sleep App I have ever Used

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All The Features You Need In A Sleep Apnea App

With access to doctors, data, and practical features, start facilitating your own progress.

Track Your
Sleep Like a Pro

Unlock solutions with metrics on sleep disturbances, breathing pauses, and more.

Keep Tabs on
Your Symptoms

Equip yourself with more symptom insights.

Sleep Apnea

Individualized therapies require individualized assessment.

Snooze-Proof Reminders
and Alerts

Restore Sleep is committed to keeping you consistent.

See Your Progress
Over Time

Watch the results so you know what works for you.

Connect with
Our Sleep Doctors

Access a trained clinical care team.

What if you had a comprehensive, innovative, clinician-led sleep tracker on your mobile device?
Restore Sleep puts everything you need in one place. Harness a user-friendly healthcare platform to achieve healthier sleep cycles.

How to Get Started

Curious about how Restore Sleep can help?
Find out how it works to renew your sleep and quality of life.

Real People, Real Results

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Restore Sleep is the sleep apnea app that monitors sleep and tracks symptoms.

Restore Sleep is an insomnia and sleep apnea app that offers access to a team of sleep doctors for customized treatment.

They don’t replace in-lab sleep studies, but medical devices, wearable devices, and sleep tracker apps like Restore Sleep can help you check your sleep apnea.

Say Goodbye to Sleep Apnea

Restore Sleep is the all-in-one, clinician-led sleep therapy app. A full suite of intuitive features comes together to track sleep, interpret data, strategize treatment, and engage users in their own sleep progress.

Try Restore Sleep and forge your path to restful sleep, guided by a team of sleep specialists.