Wake up refreshed and energized with Restore Sleep

Restore Sleep optimizes your treatment plan and compiles analytics while you sleep better and feel better.

Detailed sleep reports and analytics
Personalized treatment plan based on sleep tracking data

Better Sleep App I have ever Used

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All The Features You Need In A Sleep Apnea App

Restore Sleep enables you to easily track and manage sleep cycles and symptoms while implementing clinician-led therapies.

Your Sleep

Gather actionable data on your sleep stages and patterns.

Keep Tabs on
Your Symptoms

Knowledge is power- keep records on each symptom.


Provide info the app needs to personalize insomnia therapies.

Snooze-Proof Reminders
and Alerts

Snooze/sleep mode won’t compromise important reminders and alerts while you’re half-asleep.

See Your Progress
Over Time

Watch as individualized therapy for insomnia improves sleep quality and duration.

Connect with
Our Insomnia Doctors

Access clinical health care providers for expert insomnia help.

All the resources you need to overcome insomnia are available in one user-friendly platform. Restore Sleep has the clinicians, sleep data insights, progress tracking, and other features to make a difference. Take action now for life-changing relief.

How to Get Started

Learn everything you want to know about the Restore Sleep solution and how it works.

Real People, Real Results

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Sleep tracking app analysis isn’t on the same level as in-clinic sleep studies that measure brain activity. But, depending on whether you use a wearable device and what kind, sleep-tracking apps can accurately detect sleep interruptions, phases, and depth.

Practice sleep hygiene, track and manage your sleep and insomnia symptoms, and address underlying causes.

Yes. Restore Sleep has snooze-proof reminders and alerts.

Yes. With Restore Sleep, you can connect your data with in-app clinicians and gather data to work with your personal healthcare provider from a more informed place.

Say Goodbye to Sleep Apnea

With Restore Sleep, you’re one step closer to regular, restful, life-enriching sleep. With a team of sleep doctors, one app empowers you to manage sleep and treat insomnia for quantifiable improvements you can see for yourself.

Trust Restore Sleep and rest easy.