A telemedicine practice
Providing clinical diagnosis and treatment
For sleep quality issues
In the comfort and privacy of your own home

How We Help

1. You fill out a short sleep questionnaire to help us better understand the sleep quality issues you are experiencing.

2. We assign you a personal sleep coordinator who will be available to help you along the way, just like a personal trainer.

3. You complete a confidential HIPAA-compliant intake form, including your health insurance information, prior to your first telemedicine visit with one of our expert sleep clinicians.

4. After the first appointment, we’ll provide you with the latest wearable sleep technology to do a sleep study (at home of course).

5. Your sleep clinician will then meet with you to discuss your diagnosis and proposed treatment, which will be measured each night when you sleep and adjusted as needed.

6. As time goes on, we’ll keep in touch with you to make sure you continue to get a restful night’s sleep.

Advantages of Restore Sleep


At traditional sleep clinics, getting an initial appointment can take weeks, and often months.

At Restore Sleep, you can meet with one of our expert sleep clinicians in less than a week.

Convenient & Private

At a traditional sleep clinic, you often start with an overnight sleep study in a bed in their lab. You’ll be wired up with electrodes with your every move captured on video.

At Restore Sleep, you’ll use the latest wearable technology and complete your sleep study in the comfort of your own bed, in your own home.


Many wearable technology companies are staffed by engineers and cannot clinically diagnose sleep issues or prescribe treatment because they are not sleep clinicians.

As a telemedicine practice, Restore Sleep can and does provide clinical diagnosis and treatment to address your sleep quality issues.

No Surprises

At 99% of medical practices, you won’t find out how much your diagnosis and treatment cost until after you receive it.

At Restore Sleep, we believe it’s your right to know the cost of your diagnosis and treatment in advance.

Do you or your partner snore, have trouble sleeping, or just want to improve your sleep quality so you feel more rested in the morning?

Please consider enrolling in our sleep quality program. Start by taking our short questionnaire…